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I have received a letter from Leon Leonard L'eonce which I share with Harmon, Alain and both of the Wilde-moons. Harmon attests to the veracity of the Triple Lion's account, so I shall copy it, unaltered, into the Chronicles begun by Diaz. Alain and I both are making a speedy recovery, but the younger Wilde-moon will be unfit for adventure for at least a month.

I ask Harmon to forward any further correspondence to my family Estate outside Paris, where I am returning to convalesce under the care of Catarina. I wish no ill upon my fellows in the Vert Valiant, but am torn between the desire for Tortensson to meet an untimely end, or for him to survive that I might do the deed myself. In the meantime, my wife and I must have a long and unpleasant discussion.


   Lord Bailey Baylee Bayleigh (Chronicler)

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