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I like Betrayal


Skirmish? Dunno. 300 foes? While we used skirmish tables we were against a full company. Leon would call that a battle. But, technically, Bailey is still Chronicler, so maybe he'll edit the PDF. ;-)

No one took Fame for the fight... Three hundred vs five is pretty taleworthy--even King Leonidas would nod in respect for those odds. I was tempted, but Leon hit level six. He'll be saving his Fame Ignoble for that next mission where we head back to the New World (since his motivation is to be "World's Greatest Explorer"). Bailey would have jumped on that Fame Ignoble but noted Tortensson's betrayal as part of the tale--something that can backfire if the future card flip shows King Alexandre believes Tortensson's version, not ours.


   Mike Miller

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All they can drink for my friends but not a drop for Traitors .... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 5/19/2018) 
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