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Not quite the point.


Repetition of characters is a good thing, in general. Bismark has become a bit of a running joke, but, down the line the two obvious ways to take him are either a long, festering anger turns him into a nasty threat, or he eventually becomes a true ally.

Ok, Ben Johnson hasn't really tried to kill us. Nor has Tortensson (Tortensson has certainly been slandered by Bailey - as a player I'm a little amused the rest of the group seems willing to treat Tortensson as a true foe. I actually mostly anticipated Tony, Conrad and Red to make endless jokes at Bailey's expense, but, hey, a revenge plotline can be fun.

Olaf, however. The "Black Spot" assassin... Ok, killed an NPC Captain, but he did force a few make-rolls to avoid injury. If he's introduced as a hostile assassin, certainly he's a threat.

Straight text, of course, loses tone, body language, etc. The chuckle in my voice on the prior comment didn't read. Should have added some winky faces like the cool kids do.

Wednesday should be fun. Still trying to decide between Bailey and a lvl 0 new guy. If the next major mission might be the chase of Tortensson, Bailey wants to be fresh and unwounded. Or, if he's wounded this week, well, I've been playing him as the kind of obsessive who would risk death to avenge a fairly minor slight.

Bailey did start as Lordly with Gentry. I assume his family has had better days, and this somewhat recent family loss of status is part of his insecurities. The Ref may use or ignore that as desired.


   Mike Miller

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