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Stop Lucas Abuse


Everything I've seen from Disney makes me want to go blind watching Clone Wars again, or those hairy things in Episode Six. I never was a true fan. I only truly liked the original for what it was. Plus, episode one is nearly perfect save for two mistakes: Force=Bugs, Darth Maul=mute. Poor choices, delete scenes from memory.

I read about a deleted scene in episode three, which had an orphan ten year old Han being raised by the Wookies. That seems to work for me. Wookie planet gets crushed, so he and foster father go off to take survival work for the Hutts. Boy and his Dog?

Hashtag "Not my Star Wars" (if I actually cared, more than annoyed). I lament the death of script doctors in Hollywood. If only Milius or Tarantino were allowed a pass at any of these blockbusters. If, only if. Maybe a score less Williams and more Poledouris or Morricone. If only a hundred million dollars was spent on lowering the price of beer at ball fields. (Wait, wrong entertainment rant.)



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