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But 4th edition was already perfect


If you're going to do a superhero RPG, you have 2 options.

Rules light: It's hard to quantize all those superpowers in a game system, and comic books aren't consistent with power levels and effects anyway, so this style works well and is true to the genre. Good Guys Finish Last is a great example of this.

Rules heavy: If you really want game mechanics to accurately simulate and balance all the limitless things superheros can do, you're going to need a lot of rules. Champions did an impressive job of simulating nearly any superhero character you can think of, all in a rule system that was remarkably well balanced. By the 4th edition they consolidated and balanced all the features added in the first couple editions, ironed out all the wrinkles, and ended up with a solid game - complicated, but solid.

Just don't give Red a code vs. killing.


   California Greg

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Thanks for Good Guys Plug -- red (posted: 5/29/2018) 
There was some discussion on that .... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 5/29/2018) 
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