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Pleasantly surprised.


... First Star Wars movie to not tick me off since 1983.

Wasn't great. Didn't tell me anything new, really. Ron Howard did his job, to execute an inoffensive, workman like, formula movie without rocking the boat.

NuHan would have been 27 during production, Classic Han would have been 34 when making the original. Timeline? Well, the original press blitz for the original film talked about the "200 year old Wookie," so this prequel would be ten years before. I guess. If the keepers of the Campaign Bible don't change the timeline again.

Han leveled up a couple of times in his Solo movie *rimshot* (he checked Display of Skills for speaking Wookie), and Chewie got a level and change. Han is on track to get his multiple roll bonus at the end of the inevitable trilogy just in time for "New Hope."


   Mike Myke Mique

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