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"Dark?" Might not have been the cinematographer.


I'll leave a link to the full indiewire article:


TL/DR Version: Digital cinema and automation has broguht some problems to the theater industry. Noe that the digital stream is sent as a file directly to a digital projector the days of theaters having trained projectionists who actually knew how to maintain the machines is basically over. There's a very high probability that wherever you saw "Solo" had it's projector our of alignment, running a bulb past it's life, set to too low a bitrate or any one of a number of issues.

As I said before I rather enjoyed Solo - first Star Wars movie I wasn't ticked off when leaving the theater since ROTJ - and will also say when seeing it I had no issues with the image quality. Sure the DP chose to back light things a lot but faces were always clear to me, and, while lots of the film was in shadow it didn't go to mud. Shadow details remained clear. And I'm the guy who needs glasses who hasn't gotten them yet kinda squinting at this laptop as I type. I actually thought, visually, Solo was far better than , say, Rogue One.

Rogue One is a movie I keep certain screen grabs of to show to people on the VFX forum I'm a moderator for when they complain about compression artifacts and banding or the quality of Youtube Videos. I whip out the screen grabs of Rogue One using a frame where a compression artifact has caused part of a shuttle to blink out of existence (and a subsequent frame where it's back) as well as the Death Star rising behind planet "I don't remember and don't care" to point out severe banding issues... That movie looked terrible.

Let's just say the only value I've found in Rogue One is to tell aspiring filmmakers and VFX people that "if LucasFilm can't make a 200 million dollar movie not suffer from banding and compression artifacts, neither can [anyone]."


   Film Guy Mike

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