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There was a time


Back in audio school, I was told to always run the master on a tape deck in a car and to always check the near field monitors for comparison at low volume. Do your due diligence.

I'm guessing there is a similar thing w/ images. In fact I know there is, cause we had to check game video on bad televisions and at oddball resolutions.

If Star Wars was only to be screened in 3D at 4K or GFY otherwise, then say so. I think the film was unwatchable, because the movie was too dark. Plus, the camera angles on the actors were all waist up to tits. Learn to use a crane if you're making an epic. If it wasn't suppose to be a $250M epic, then again let the buyer know.

Not a great fan of Rogue One, but at least the outdoor lighting illuminated a Jedi-wannabe not using the Force to flip a switch and therefore missing a great opportunity for a plot point. I want to like or dislike a movie based on story, not cause I had trouble seeing the faces of unknown actors. I liked the Wookie; he I could always tell when on-screen. Was that the game of thrones gall; she stinks as an actor (or was it someone else).



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