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Time shift good.


WW's traditional origin is WWII, but I think WW in WWI worked well.

WWI would have really been the last time shore invasions were done from rowboats, so strikes me as fortuitous to the Amazons. I'll buy them repulsing rowboats and rifles, where a WWII invasion of Armored Amphibious with artillery support from the ships at sea means the Amazons lose, badly.

I liked the use of a chemical agent as the final bad-guy weapon. WWII would have been a nuke or a V2 or a nuke on a V2. *yawn*

I did enjoy Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, and did feel bad when he exited the movie.

Otherwise, it was fairly bland. I'm coming from memory off a viewing last summer. I'm never certain if I feel it's better to be a bland, forgettable movie I have no real issues with (WW/Solo), or a total mess where I remember it strongly because, DAMN, that was TERRIBLE! (Batman v Superman, The Last Jedi).

Or, go see "Adrift," the little indy movie about SHaline Woodsley being, well, adrift on a small boat! It's a nicely done two-handed character film, taken from a true story. A few of the storm scenes have some shoddy compositing, but most of the movie is glorious location work, and it's possible to entertained for two hours by a character film without spaceships and superpowers.

Or, go check out "Isle of Dogs." Great Wes Anderson stop-motion. He really studied his Japanese cinema for that one. Just a fantastic, unusual, gorgeous bit of film making.


   Mike Miller

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