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The mecurial nature of tale-telling.


Under 700? My mission notes had 234 French soldiers aboard our homemade Cog. I never tallied Pepper People, but, as they broke and fled, and at least two characters (Leon and Wildemoon II) took Growth Ignobles directly relating to disliking the natives, and with Francois already being a Slaver, I do not think the Pepper People will be treated well in the future. Still, Leon would claim we were under 500 to begin and, with casualties of the unnamed,probably a mere hundred or so by the end.

Vassals? We didn't leave any of our own in charge. In the years before our return the Incago have plenty of time to forget or resent the massacre of their people. Even the racist Leon had a small twinge of guilt from cutting down children.

The deck was kind, giving us a useful Star card right as the penalties were starting to get heavy, and just before tossing a fresh +4 into the mix. Walking wounded added some true tension... Moridin's first failed roll to avoid death bringing a chorus of "ooohs," and the second, successful roll greeted with a chorus of relieved sighs.

Tokens on a game board... Sometimes the literal is best. Other times one calls up a thesaurus page to come up with "indigene." Occasionally one has to deal with the "Fleet Chronicler" leaving a character in France only for him to show up halfway across the world (mission note on character sheet says, "Wildemoon II apoears in a puff of game-logic.").

Francois's regiment is best saved for use against the forces of Bavaria. German mercenaries fought alongside us at Salerno and we know, firsthand, how fearsome fighters those Germans can be. Better to face thousands of natives armed with sticks, stones and hurled spiders than an opposing force of numbers equal to ours armed with gunpowder and shot.


   Mike Myke Mique

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