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I'm not old till next year...


I was trained on multitrack 2" tape, moviolas and in/out points on editing decks. The newer tools aren't yet confusing to me. I actually consider myself fortunate my training straddled the last gasps of analog workflow into the renaissance of the digital.

In my dealings with "those damn kids" across VFX forums I moderate and my own tutorial channel I've noticed too many of the young up and commers are too quick to look for the "automatic" digital solution; trying to do things in post that should be done as a practical, being annoyed at actually putting effort into a shot (sometimes you have to just roto), and being too stupid/ignorant/lazy to apply a basic principle to a different specific application (true story: regarding a tutorial on a "Tony Stark" HUD - looking at Iron Man's face floating in black surrounded by floating displays - a user asked how to "do the POV shot looking out of the helmet, utterly failing to realize that the tutorial covered all this already! Namely, same organic fertilizer, without having to motion track the face!)

Audio tech is actually mostly unchanged from the early 1990's (mp3 has held back advancement for 20 years. Everything should be 32-bit, 256Khz, 7.1 by now, not lossy mp3!). Only thing the CALM ACT does is mandate output volume standards. Dolby Digital (for broadcast) hasn't changed since 1998 (there's a Dolby AC-4 spec for Blu-Ray audio, but, as of 2015 only one released movie ever used it. The "Akira" Blu-ray. Everyone still uses AC-3 spec from 1998) and THX spec hasn't changed since 1996.

Good thing about being in the wilds with a flame thrower is you don't have to cook the dead rabbit. It's already crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. Bad thing is, you can't make a nice warm hat from the rabbit skin.


   Mike Miller

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