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Swashbuckler of Mercy?


Twas the Swashbuckler Francois who stood over his fallen country man Diaz? The sight of children with painted sticks froze him in his path. It was also noted with some care, that he took a pebble in his slipper and was delayed in extracting the beastly sore.

Wildemoone was dispatched to attend to Francois' overwhelming pain to perhaps add a tourniquet. He left promptly to not see the tears flowing down Francois' red cheek.

Moridin the Reaver and Bloody Harry took a direct route around the left to the emperor with sword and pistols afire. The savages, barely human, were cut down like thickets along the way. While at first, they feared the beastly equine, soon, they learned to fear the French conquistador.

The Incago tried all manner of resistance ... noise, charms, chants, insects, fire, lamentations to their false gods, cries for mercy, chaos, grimaces, stones, and even childish slap games. But, the will of the company could not be resisted. Leon and Wildemoon did as they are skilled at doing. The natives were driven to panic and a gap was created for exploitation. The only remarkable thing about the coup de' grac was that the Emperor retained his crown ... which is to say his head.

All done in the name of the great and ever lasting King of France.

A note to the chronicler -- Do be discreet, while a gentleman may have left his gun cleaning apparatus behind, among gentlemen, we simply say his musket was fouled from use and he lacked the tool to render it clear. Next, we'll learn the grand battle of the Mainz was lost for the lack of a snuff box.

And, it was said that the Battle of the Western Sea was made victorious not by a random act of inattention. The prey was lured in with a cunning ploy to place his own head in the trapper's noose. His head went gently and with deliberate care into that soft hemp with prideful countenance and certainty that his future was to be made opulent.

It was simply a matter to tug the cord and ensnare our surprised hare in his own folly. (That, and our ship of straw was made mostly of golden strands.) The May Sea misjudged the cut throats and fearless swordsman honed by a savage journey around the world. Some say the world is made round ... tis no never mind ... the world is made razor sharp on the edge of a Cutlass. The sword flowed red ... as they say ...


   Bloody Harry Bolelyn

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Glorious Fight and Reward Well Spent -- Diaz (posted: 6/7/2018) 
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