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I think Gygax Winged a Lot ....


I heard the three hours comment too but I've read a bit more about Mr. Gygax and I think he just sketched outlines. So much so, he could not recreate the sessions he created.

The goal of opening a book and beginning to play is beyond the imagination of the players and Refs ... or ... they prefer rebuilding the same thing over and over again. Perhaps it is both. If you had the perfect thing in hand, could you convince them to give up their ways? I dare say that will be the harder battle.

(I do not suggest not doing seeking the goal ... I just point out the obvious.)

Snyder, like Gygax, was a titan. There won't be many like him. All the evening host of today pale in content, quality, and watch ability. (Hey, there's a place for the twaddle of the latest celebrity but I remember the amazing span of content in Snyder's shows and laughing almost every evening at his natural wit.)


   Iron Conrad

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