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Fallet was fun ...


Fallet caught my eye after the debacle of the show not to be named that should Lost and never spoken of again.

It's a spoof on Swedish Noir ... too sophisticated for me. I just liked the guy with the funny ears.

The world's worst (yet polite) British detective is teamed up with a young and hard driving (but reckless) Swedish detective. Both are given one last case to prove themselves.

They join a cast of likeable but dumb Swedish characters trying to solve a murder.

If I knew what Swedish Noir was, it might not have been as interesting. Half the show was with sub-titles so it wasn't an easy watch.

I chuckled more than once when the detective introduced themselves to what appeared to be the obvious person only to discover they walked past the actual target. (Since they are in fact the worst detectives, it makes sense that they can't even get the simple things right.)

This would not interest everyone but it was interesting in an eccentric sort of way.

It sort of worked as a series but they wrapped it up at the end ... again ... probably the Swedish noir thing.


   Iron Conrad

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