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HRH aside (and I don't know the King's full name, merely "Maxime"), I basically dash them off and give a spell check, but (as should be obvious) no proofing.

So reading them again a day or two later is when I find out if they're any good.

I rather enjoyed Bailey's taunting. He went full Lordly on Porse. Porse is a joke? Known for failure? That's harsh, man. At the very least after that last line Bailey got punched a couple of times. But Bailey's got all Traits - how else does he survive so long without combat skills - so...

I had actually written a good chunk of it before realizing this was Bailey's interrogation in Digressions. To calmly spill everything while just verbally punching away? Saying "here's our plan and it doesn't matter I told you, you're hosed? Yup. Lordly.

Oh, to Gaspard: a "Lubber" whom Bailey just met and didn't trust to showing quick learning, taking a failed roll to impress the crew with dignity then proving yourself successful by boarding the pirate? Mister Bailey that's the story of how you won the trust of a lvl 4 social 8 dude in a phase and a half. You got an arc. Take your Growth Ignoble. *winky* *smiley*


   Mike Myke Mique

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