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Bailey captured.


Royal Tax adventure. Knocked unconscious in the battle at the end of play. Bailey's Digression rolls were the final game action. His capture is the Cliffhanger. (Seems my best writing comes from those sessions where the last action of a game leaves him in Limbo... This week and Mainz...

Bailey rolled a 3 on Digression R, followed by an 8. Tortured and still in Rival's hands for potential rescue during Climax. At least that's what I noted on the character sheet.

While I'd prefer Bailey to NOT have this happen, given his rather brutal taunting of Porse I wouldn't hold it against the Ref to rule Bailey has a Vicious Wound on rescue. But, if the Tortensson in the Climax is Leonard, Bailey would absolutely stay in the game and risk death for the chance to shank his chosen foe. If it's the brother he'd do the sane thing and bow out.


   Mike Myke Mique

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