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To the Edge of the World (Netflix)


Probably not to everyone's liking but a great series on Netflix.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a young gentry who journeys on an old vessel from England to Australia. The series is the trials and experiences he gained along the way.

The ship he travels on is an old ship of the line now used mostly to carry passengers and cargo.

The ship is in useable state but not what one normally sees in movies. Ships of course eventually are retired. This one is not quite there.

No sword fighting and lots of Mal-de-Mer but interesting nonetheless. A lot of time is spent below decks in the cable deck and down among the ballast.

I liked the Horn Blower series better because of the grand adventure mixed in but this one was great.

(Tip of the hat to Jared Harris who plays the Captain -- grand form!!!)

It's long but a great watch.

(Cumberbatch has the delivery of course. He played the young no nothing very well.)


   Iron Conrad

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