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About Wounds...


Something in the current Pangaea rule set...

I still have multiple wound categories. Call them Abrasive, Walking and Vicious for now (there's the Battle Born fan boy)...

Characters have options now to sacrifice a Trait level to avoid overflow (Trait chosen can imply injury - for this discussion "Perception" is the example).

Sacrifice a level at Abrasive for rest of combat (forehead wound gets blood in eyes)

Sacrifice a level at Walking for rest of mission (blow swells eye shut)

Sacrifice a level a Vicious but injury is permanent (lose eye, but you didn't overflow to dead).

Perhaps you could adapt this for yourself. Dunno if you're thinking full wound chart or "Fine, Wounded, Dead," but if "Fine/Wounded/Dead" sacrifice Trait (as permanent injury) to avoid death?

Just a thought.

Laura dislikes this innovation - as stated elsewhere she hates things that penalize characters. I told her she doesn't *have* to sacrifice the trait, she can take the overflow...


   Mike the Delver

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