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One wound, Cutlass


The monsters might have some immunity, probably not beyond what's already shown. e.g. Horrible and beyond won't surrender. Cutlass mechanic fantasy would have players kill twenty monsters, not three with seven wounds each. Number of monsters only adds to length of battle or forces reckless options (w/ magic). Banes is banes. I do like the apply swaggering for results, but often lose version. May add to Cutlass itself. Running a full deck of cards to resolve a combat is sort of lame.

There is one exception on wounds, toying w/ Trait Rugged ignoring the first vicious wound he receives. The three point head!



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Lose Shield = 1 Wound -- Iron Conrad (posted: 7/3/2018) 
In Cutlass, Shields have names... -- Mike Miller (posted: 7/5/2018) 
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