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Expansion and invention in the narrative.


Whether treated as author invention or unreliable narration from a character, these stories do cheat a lot. A fun example to look for is rationalizing characters exiting and entering.

So, last night I actually suggested Leon cruising up in Lion's Pounce with Wildemoon before we started. It made sense, and tied nicely to the Ace-10.

Later on Tony just said "Oh, I'm Alain now." Well, Tony had just taken his wealth to invest in his family. Of COURSE Francois left to check the construction.

As we were playing the trial in the Skype chat I said Bailey would enjoy being prosecutor and mentioned his "crimes." Conrad joked on Skype Tortensson spoiled the rum. We laughed.

When typing the narrative I realized Bailey was prosecutor, Merd-a-din was Judge, but we never set a Defense!

As Percy insisted on a trial, and is a self described Gentle Confessor it made logical sense it would be him. Conrad's joke about the rum is why he read the charges.

The author cheats the narrative (order of combat actions is rewritten for dramatic flow, not in actual game order), but everything added comes from something in campaign background or Skype/chat. :)


   Mike Myke Mique

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