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Charges of Record...


The big charges are the accusations that got Tortensson kicked out of France to begin with. 'Betrayal at Lucerne Peak,' where Henri le Tomb, hero of France, met his end. (If I remember correctly, according to the Ref, Henri was the actual traitor and Bailey's irrational hatred got everyone to testify against an innocent man - albeit on strong circumstantial evidence.)

He invaded Nantes, of course... But if the wronged man chose to align with others to wreak vengeance... So did Bailey.

No one is innocent in Cutlass, but the saga of Tortensson can be spun with Bailey as the villain and Tortensson wronged. That's an accurate spin! Tortensson banged Bailey's wife because of a card flip. Players chose to testify to Tortensson's "treachery." :)


   Mike Myke Mique

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Not Henri the PC, Lord Mayor Scotland Lord High Mayor McAndrew of Dublin -- red (posted: 7/5/2018) 
Thanks for the correction. -- Mike Myke Mique (posted: 7/5/2018) 
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