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Some of the other recurring characters somewhat change at the whims of the Deck. The Tortensson plot began so - deck said he slept with PC's wife, Bailey was the only married man. Ref indulgence in an amusing PC overreaction led to a four month, continuing character sub-plot that brought personal focus to the political changes. Other PC's played along with the story (Thanks, guys!). Lots of fun. I even appreciate Gaspard (who just met Bailey) being the character voting the other way! Of COURSE Gaspard votes to go after the Pyrate-King, of COURSE he voted innocent during the "Just and Fair" trial! He was probably the only character who didn't have a personal grudge after Lucerne Peak and Nantes?

Tortensson likely had sympathetic ears in both the French and Russian courts. And Bailey took Fame for his death. It's Lord Skinny all over again! I'm certain the Ref has spin offs ready to go. Bailey just made a personal enemy of a Swashbuckling Pyrate-King! There are major political consequences to Tortensson's death (think any of Francois's troops miss their old Marshall?).

This is part of the magic of RPGs - a random throwaway event can spiral into a major story!

After we retake Nantes, Bailey will retire for several missions. Hugo Marque Lamarr is ready to go... And HE (and Nemo Moridin) has Olaf Porse as a Friend. That could be interesting next time "Long Knife" is in an antagonist role.


   Mike Myke Mique

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