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First thing that comes to mind...


Celestial and Cosmic imply roughly identical things to my brain, but nothing is jumping out to me as a generic "Higher Dimensions" Swaggering (Astral travel, dimension hopping, etc).

Otherwise, since Free-style tends towards broad interpretation, I'm not seeing anything missing offhand. You don't have "Heal", but Necromancy, Demigod, Shape Shifting, Psionics or Power Words might all cover that.

Oh, I'm not seeing anything jumping out for Temporal effects. Temporal also covers healing since the wound could be "aged" until it's closed.

Perhaps instead of Pyro and Voltaic (which are both very specific) something more for generic (radiant) energy (so light, electricity, radiation - "magic illness") for Voltaic and Temperature Manipulation instead of Pyro (hot or cold) or even generic "Force" for kinetic energy... Since heat is a function of speed of atomic motion, heat effects are (arguably) subsets of Kinetic energy? Kinetics would also cover a generic force blast and gravity! Or heat could be lumped with radiant energy manipulation?

Does Geomancy cover weather control or is it specific earth magic? Maybe a generic transmute instead? Anything
with the four elements relating to non-living subjects.

Hexes should cover probability as Marvel Comics' "Scarlet Witch" has "Hex Powers" that are probability manipulation. Basically she projects bad luck - in the movies this is generic red stuff that um... Does... Things...


   Mike Myke Mique

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A bit cerebral? -- red (posted: 7/7/2018) 
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