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A bit cerebral?


Temporal = time, that would be Cosmic in my mind or Celestial. Playing w/ time is impossible to Ref well, unless it is the main theme of play. Erasing a deck flip or roll ten minuets after it occurs is a "snooze you lose" event. Do something now and here, you know, fantasy. Bilbo never asked Gandalf to reverse time.

Dimensions = Cosmic, unless its space (Celestial), or hell (Demonics) I spent all that time making a campaign and you still want Spelljammer, D-W-A-R-F in S-P-A-C-E. Not outlands.

Angelic Healing is something annoying for game balance. Yet Healing does occur w/ Geomancy Recitation. That also may include weather control, but not rain. Rain and lightning would be Voltaic? Help the surfs and bring down a deluge. Weather is a Ginn activity and Outland heroes don't want to annoy those enchanted things. That and the Storm Giants above. Let's forget about weather, shall we. Rusted blades and all.

Fantasy guys usually don't like physics being integrated. Temperature Manipulation and other such you mention seem very kneddy eggbert. Let's avoid nerdy comic books, unless it's Conan. Fantasy and Sci-Fi don't mix. Superheroes are just level eight fighters.

I also find any reference to a movie released after 1979 a waste of my time. Bad luck is Epic Table showing the roll to everyone. Witches and dice cheats are burned at the stake in Outlands.

Thanks for the update. I was more looking for, hey you forget to include basic Magic Missile? But sure, Einstein, maybe I need a Quantum Mechanics category, or nuclear fusion?

Wall of Thorns, btw, Geomancy. Part Water, Geomancy. Sticks to snakes? Demonology, no Demigod, no Shape Shift, no Animate Objects. Everything is everything, until the players work out their own limitations. Perhaps that's the paragraph that needs to be written in the textbook.



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