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Mansion Descriptions (harsh content)


Three cars, unlocked w/ keys in the ignition. Starting the first one will cause a strained whine, as if the car may be charging up the battery of something else? A car bomb? Trait Unflinching to continue trying others.
All three cars won’t run; they are out of gas. Models? Not pertinent, nor is there lime green color. Uncle Earl had strange taste.
Add a Servant Mechanic here. The person will only answer inane questions. If pressed for specifics, he will berserk and must be subdued of all five Traits.
Among all the clutter of battery power tools missing batteries and assorted hand tools is a Faulty Arc Welder, which requires Traits Avant Garde and Devious to wield w/ confidence.
Zealot searching may find a strange key, larger than normal, not for the ignition of a car.
Exit here to the Access Road.

Access Road:
Starting point for the quest. When the body of Uncle Earl is found in his study, everyone sort of fled here. Drawn by the shouts of others or following to observe. No one is sure who arrived first or in what order. All of you are suspects, as well as any of the servants. The killer may or may not know who he is? Read your character sheet carefully. You may discover clues that you are the killer. Do you have a motive?
Read w/ comprehension but don’t assume anything that isn’t plainly written. A single misread phrase may leave you misunderstanding your role in the murder. Any questions, again, read you character sheet. The rest of the mechanics will be introduced as you adventure. You may decide to simply stay outside, except it’s raining and cold. You’ll last about forty minutes, before hypothermia causes you to collapse. Good luck solving and surviving.
Continue here outside to the Greenhouse or inside to the estate Foyer.

Entrance from the outside requires someone to break the glass on a door showing Trait Zealot.
Add a Servant Gardner here. The person will only answer inane questions. If pressed for specifics, she will berserk and must be subdued of all five Traits.
Sticking out of an empty planter is a twisted piece of driftwood, encrusted with coral, about fifteen inches in length. Looks much like a Harry Potter wand sold at theme parks for $55. In fact it is a magic wand, truly, which fires a balled force like a bullet slug; firing needs the command words, Traditurus est homo Sapian (Betray mankind).
Continue from here outside to the Hedge Maze or Access Road. Or inside move to the Trophy Room.

Near the start of the maze is a Pump Insect Sprayer. By itself, rather harmless, but could be fashioned into a more dangerous implement of death.
Crossing and completing the Maze requires a guide of Trait Zealot. On the other side, the path leads to the edge of a swamp.

self-explanatory, perhaps.
Edge of swamp is a moonshine still. The moonshine may be taken and used to cure monster induced Homicidal Paranoia.
Turn around and go back. It’s night and the gators can be seen moving. Unflinching may press on and lose a leg.
Epiphany to Trait Vengeful and watching the dangers of the swamp: You know, being eaten by a gator would have be a terrible way to die. There are many terrible ways to kill someone. Yet Uncle Earl was shot almost painlessly. The killer could not have been Vengeful.
From here there appears no way back but through the hedge maze. Turn around and go back. It’s night and the gators can be seen moving. Unflinching may press on and lose a leg.

A combined clock and bell tower. The materials are different from the rest of the mansion. The mansion itself was added to an old Colonial Church. There is one window smashed for some time, but no birds or vermin seem to have come inside to nest. The servants might sweep the place clean.
Discover a cache of celebratory fireworks. By themselves, rather harmless, but could be an ingredient in a more dangerous implement of death.
The tower does not have an exit, other than back down to the Upstairs Gallery.

Among all the clutter is an authentic Cajun Voodoo Doll, which requires Traits Devious and Unflinching to empower enough to wield. If you believe such nonsense.
Locked chest, heavy, possibly bolted to the floor. Requires a special key to open. Chained inside is a notary stamp. This may be used to validate any of the three found Wills. If more than one Will is valid, since none have dates, the whole is void. Of course, documents might be burned? Or immersed in water at Cavern, Swamp or Jetty. But that act will attract monsters.
The only way back is to the Upstairs Gallery, through the portal you just crossed.

Upstairs Gallery:
From here you can move to one of many bedrooms. All have been assigned to the player characters, but still thee are more rooms open. There is also Uncle Earl’s room, but that door is locked. Trait Vengeful to force open.
A mysterious twelfth guest room has a do not disturb sign on the knob. Touching the knob activates a contact poison. The player is minus three on all rolls, until he finds the antidote.
You know there’s more to this place. Trait Zealot to discover a sliding hidden passage to the Bell Tower. Trait Avant Garde to find the correct sash, which lowers or raises the rope ladder to the mansion Attic.
Add a Servant Maid here. The person will only answer inane questions. If pressed for specifics, she will berserk and must be subdued of all five Traits.
In the gallery here you can find an eyedropper bottle of laudanum to help guests w/ sleep. Trait Unflinching to resist a quick taste. Even as you start to take the medicine, you think otherwise. It is safe here, needed, and you know where it is. You are compelled to leave it as is on the shelf. Part of you understands that if you take the bottle with you, you’ll have emptied it and will OD. (The item can be used to cure monster induced incontinence.)
Epiphany to Trait Devious looking at trophy awarded to Uncle Earl for finishing back to back iron man competitions: You know, it seems Uncle Earl was quite athletic. He might have overpowered any assailant had he not been shot from behind. The killer has a Devious personality not to face him man to man.
Continue from here back down to the Foyer. Or into any Bedroom. Or upon discovery to the Bell Tower or Attic.

None of the locks seem to work for long. You can set the knob, bolt the chain, put a chair in front of the door. But as soon as you turn, the door is ajar. Makes you question your sanity.
Find a selection of silk ties. By itself, rather harmless, but could be a trigger in a more dangerous implement of death.
In master bedroom, play Audio Experts Murdered. Takes someone of Trait Vengeful to play the man’s audio diary.
Also in master bedroom, find a spiked dog collar. By itself, rather harmless, but could be a trigger in a more dangerous implement of death.
Continue from here back to the Upstairs Gallery. Or through the room to the private toilet, which turns out to be shared by several rooms.

There is a leak and repair in progress. A pump lies dissembled with bearings strew about, as well as, several sections of clogged pipe reveal the bath and WC are not functioning at the moment. All appear rather harmless, but could facilitate a more dangerous implement of death.
Trait Devious will spy cameras positioned all over and at many angles to wickedly observe any user.
Continue from here back to the correct bedroom you vacated. Or Trait Avant Garde to discover that the bath has a secret servant passage to the Servant Access Stairwells.

Has all the accoutrements of a Frankenstein movie. You have neither the time, inclination nor education to understand what uncle Earl’s experiments. But rest assured, you probably have enough anecdotal evidence to suspect he was playing god, and not a god of peace.
Trait Devious can find a jar of acid. (Worthless in combat in everyway; panic and spill on oneself and cause panic.)
Play Audio Secret Jetty. Takes someone of Trait Avant Garde to quickly find the most critical part of his endless audio journal.
Continue from here back down the stars to the Servants Access.

Servants Access:
A set of stairs and passages which allow the lower class to move discreetly into the domains of the upper crust.
Play Audio Filth Piles. Takes someone of Trait Unflinching to get past the man’s ranting and vindictive instructions to his servants.
Find a canister of fish food. There doesn’t appear to be any goldfish bowl about? By itself, rather harmless, but could be a trigger in a more dangerous implement of death.
Trait Unflinching to follow a rude odor, dead fish? Find a hidden door, leading to Laboratory. Others think it is a toilet backflow.
Trait Avant Garde to notice just enough change in ornamentation to suggest that a door has been modified, the area behind reconfigured. This leads to the Locked Upstairs Door.
Continue from here upstairs to the baths or downstairs to the Servant Stairs (behind kitchen).

Entrance to the mansion. Very nice, very regal, should attract a nice buyer, once murder is solved and the estate is out of probate. Finding a Legal Notarized Will would be great; well, so long as the beneficiary is to your liking.
Add a Servant Greeter here. The person will only answer inane questions. If pressed for specifics, he will berserk and must be subdued of all five Traits.
Play Audio Witch Herbalist. Takes someone of Trait Devious to find the man’s hidden recordings of conversations w/ guests. The banister is carved w/ the Latin phrase, Traditurus est homo Sapian. May be properly translated by any character of Trait Zealot. However, to do so will reveal to the others that you have indeed the Trait Zealot. Understand the mechanics? The inscription means – “Betray mankind” and is also the command word for the murder weapon, a magic wand half buried in a pot in the Greenhouse.
Continue from here to Upstairs Gallery, Kitchen, Trophy Room or back outside to the Access Road. The weather is nasty, so only Unflinching or muscled by Unflinching may actually leave willingly (before monsters appear).

Trophy Room:
Loaded w/ artifacts from Uncle Earl’s travels and dealings in his exotic hobbies.
Add a Servant Bartender here. The person will only answer inane questions. If pressed for specifics, he will berserk and must be subdued of all five Traits.
Discover and play Audio Simple Folk Ire. Takes someone of Trait Vengeful to desire to solve the man’s crime prior to police involvement and play the evidence on Earl’s audio diary.
Among the wall hangings of taxidermist’s animals and other grotesque souvenirs is a Maasai Spear, which requires Traits Vengeful and Zealot to properly wield. If anyone carries the spear, but cannot wield the weapon, he trips on the first set of stairs and impales himself for vicious (or reveals his ability to hunt savagely).
Here you can find several cut lines of cocaine along the edge of the billiard table. The powder can be used to cure monster induced catatonic amnesia.
Trait Avant Garde to find a revolving shelf, which gives access to a ladder into the Wine Cellar.
Otherwise, continue from here to Foyer, Greenhouse or Study.

Logically this should be the first place inside that everyone will travel, the scene of the crime. Dead man slumped across his desk, which faces the wall opposite the door. He had no fear of intruders?
Death resulted from a single gunshot wound seemingly to the back of his head. The weapon is not to be found. Slumped over a table in his personal study, Uncle Earl, appears to have predicted this tragedy. An audio on a phonograph plays his final words and message to ya’ll. The phonograph hides an MP3 recorder playing on a delayed loop. Play Audio Openings.
Earl has nothing in his pockets, not even a house key. His desk conceals a drawer w/ an old VCR that plays voyeur tapes of public restrooms on the widescreen TV in the Trophy room. Trait Unflinching to recognize these as the same bath and bathroom of the mansion.
Nothing stands out about his personal papers or accounts, receipts. Landline phone is dead, the storm? There is no internet and cell service in study (or anywhere in the mansion or outside). Trait Devious to sense that the electronics of the place are being artificially dampened; the technology for which is government beyond top secret. Was Uncle Earl a spook?
Oddly, the room has an enormous iron reinforced, almost a vault, entrance and exit. Why wasn’t it being sued by Earl? The whole seems to double as a Panic Room. Trait Avant Garde to operate the closure. (The Fishlings are able to use the hidden stairs.)
Secret passage note – The spiral stairs is one-way and may only be found and traversed from the Jetty below. If a player looks specifically for the passage, if he is Zealot he may see it is one way. That would imply he has already been to Laboratory and has a hunch.
Continue from here back into the Trophy Room.

Dining room:
Place settings are ten to seat all visitors; there are even namecards. Earl’s own chair is not at the table. It lies against the wall. Takes someone of Trait Zealot to recognize the clue of the dust accumulation. The chair has not been used at the table for a long, long time. Perhaps he took his meals ala cart?
Epiphany to Trait Avant Garde looking at framed photos of Uncle Earl winning the World Series of Poker: You know, it seems Uncle Earl was rather perceptive, a great reader of people’s thoughts. His killer must have been Avant Garde to mask his intension for murder.
Find a glass martini stirrer. By itself, rather harmless, but could be a trigger in a more dangerous implement of death.
Button well concealed in the decorum, Trait Devious to find, opens a passage to wine cellar.
Otherwise, continue from here to Kitchen or Foyer.

Wine Cellar:
Most of the vintages are consumed. The bottles here are mostly empty or a few relics are molded and spoiled. Some of the bottles seem to date back to the eighteen hundreds.
Epiphany to Trait Unflinching looking at the ad hoc wrapper strangely protecting one bottle. Appears to be documents, letters from Kissinger, thanking Uncle Earl for helping to negotiate an end to the Viet Nam war: You know, it seems Uncle Earl was very cunning as well as persuasive and charming. Only an Unflinching killer could have had the tenacity to level the pistol, aim and shoot him in cold blood, no negotiation, no begging for mercy, no chance for compromise.
Trait Avant Garde to find a ladder which seems to go no where, but in fact can unlatch a revolving shelf that leads into the Trophy Room.
A secret panel in the floor can be found by someone of Trait Devious. That leads into the rape rooms (torture).
Otherwise, continue from here back to Dining Room. But only of the players know that route or Trait Devious to find the disguised passage to a ramp to Dining Room above.

Torture Chamber:
A typical antebellum slave punishment cell, includes an assortment of iron pokers and shackles. There are numerous bloodstains, the age of which has to be no more than a month if not a week ago.
The implements of pain seem too barbaric for most people to fathom their true uses. Only Trait Vengeful would take any of the items from the room. Doing so is unsettling, so the items will be quickly set aside or absentmindedly discarded, unless the bearer is also Unflinching. However, unless the character is the third Trait Devious, he will not have the stomach or spiritual will to even defend himself with anything gathered from this room. The roll for Trait Devious would only be attempted as well when needed. So even under duress of combat, the wielder might forego the potential weapons. Three traits and uncertain protections, maybe best to just leave the contents as is.
The stairs down through a dark hole may only be traveled by someone leading the group who has Trait Unflinching.
Inside the sleeve of a suit jacket hanging on a peg—the jacket is a child’s, too small for Uncle Earl—Unflinching may find a Will leaving the entire fortune to the Edwards heirs. Needs notary stamp to make legal.
A secret panel in the roof must be operated by someone of Trait Devious. That leads back to the wine cellar.
There is a chance that a player w/o Devious or Unflinching will be frozen in panic in this room, unable to move on his own. Sorry.

Secret Jetty:
This is the place that Uncle Earl brought in his contraband. You find a metal mail box; inside is twenty-five grand in hundreds. There is a rowboat on a stone mooring. Probably not a good idea to come here, since waves lash the shore. Skip the rolls this once. Good for you for finding the passages; however, you will be fleeing back up the second set of stairs into the one-way door of the Study.
Here lies the Fish Demon. The beast is summoned by a shaman on the shore. Give the players a chance to slay the shaman, but not before he finishes his spell and calls the larger beast. It could get ugly if the players know (from Audio in excavation) what to expect.
Otherwise, the nighttime water makes all but the Unflinching feel queasy and must retreat by either spiral stair. Late in game, the demon rises; early on, let them leave unsettled. There is someone or something lurking in the shadows, but upon approach, it seems to have vanished. A trick of the moonlight?
On All Hell Breaks Loose, this may be the only true path of escape in the rowboat. But the Demon Fish would need to be defeated at sea.
Continue by either spiral stair to the Study or rape rooms.

The ovens are off. Add a Servant Cook here. The cook here stirs an empty pot. The person will only answer inane questions. If pressed for specifics, he will berserk and must be subdued of all five Traits.
Among the cutlery and chef-baker implements is a small propane torch to glaze and caramelize. By itself, rather harmless, but could be a trigger in a more dangerous implement of death.
Gross total pine case of boxes of strike anywhere matches. The main container has knife scratches which read: Take a box; go ahead, I dare you. (Use of these matches anywhere in the estate will attract Swine Fiends to put out the fire. Start w/ inhuman banshee screech, which only Unflinching may ignore. Swine Fiends may not attack depending upon point of the story.)
Lever, one of many which seem to have little function, opens a sliding refrigerator sealed door into the walk-in meat locker; Trait Avant Garde to decipher.
Continue also to the Dining room, Pantry or Servants Stairs (behind Kitchen).

Among all the assorted items are some poison rat pellets and a bottle of lye. By themselves, rather harmless, but either could be an ingredient in a more dangerous implement of death.
One of the heavier shelves hides an entrance to the cellar. Trait Avant Garde to empty, shift and locate forgotten stairs. But also Trait Devious to note that the stairs has been boarded up since Before both world wars.
Continue back to Kitchen if not below.

Linen Closet:
Among the towels, sheets and other items is a iron and several cans of spray starch. A careful read by someone of Trait Devious will reveal that the corn starch is highly flammable. By itself, rather harmless, but could be a fuel in a more dangerous implement of death.
Hidden in here among sheets and noticed by Avant Garde is a Will leaving the entire fortune to the Murphy heir. Needs notary stamp to make legal. (Yet there is no real heir of Murphy here so perhaps no big deal, except as a spoiler.)
Continue here back to Servant Stairs (behind Kitchen).

Locked Upstairs Door:
Trait Devious to use a hairpin to open the lock. There’s even one to be found on the carpet at the door frame.
On a stand by door is an untitled leather bound book. A strange tome written partially in English and partially in Mayan glyphs. Mayan is read right to left, by the way.
There’s a long passage circled on an early page. In the margins are the handwritten notes of Uncle Earl and some phonetic words: Ese Dra Wen Dee (worthless as spell, but backward Edwards). To digest anymore would require a sanity roll, I mean, would take too long.
Behind the door is a chalkboard that has a list of odd jobs and duties w/ estimated times to complete. He had checked off many of the tasks on the list, including reviewing the estate accounting in his study at the time of the death. The tasks scribed include some indiscrete actions involving bodily functions, which though scurrilous, do not in detail relate in any way to the case.
Epiphany to Trait Zealot as you see the exacting routine in Uncle Earl’s life; he was a man of strict structure even in his depraved practices: You know, Uncle Earl might have been murdered anyone on his route, the body hidden in many places, some never to be discovered. The killer could not have been a Zealot with a defined methodical plan.

Meat Locker:
Only type of meat here is pork, complete carcass w/ all the internal organs in tact. Drains in the floor seem clogged w/ congealed fat and animal innards.
Here you can find several baggies of cannabis, but there is no rolling paper. The item can be used to cure monster induced retching. However, the herb must be smoked, not eaten for full effect. The pipe is in the servant stair behind the kitchen.
One of the animals is inscribed w/ a tattoo which reads, “Feed to the Twelfth Guest.” The meat is saturated in an antidote to the contact poison Earl uses about the mansion. Eat the meat raw or else the saving elixir is boiled off. Raw pork requires a Zealot to consume or convince someone to consume. If you die from doing this, it will be long after today. But the taste seems off; the blood more like something you’ve experienced after biting your own cheek. Is it human flesh?
Go back to the Kitchen, cause you can’t go to the abandoned cellar from here.

Flooded Basement
(trapdoor): Stench, mold, movement vermin.
The stairs to pantry are rickety. Unlfinching must show the way.
Zealot will be able to cleave at the roof drains with pokers and pickaxes below and cut open a way to climb out through the Meat Locker (of desired). No, the tools are worthless in combat as too unwieldy and heavy to work w/ speed.
To open the trapdoor below requires Trait Unflinching for the smell of decayed flesh is overwhelming. Someone Vengeful must lead the party down into the caves. There is no rope or ladder or recovery. This is a one-way jump into the chilly stagnant water below.
Find a length of rubber hose; could be part of surgical tourniquet or not? By itself, rather harmless, but could be a trigger in a more dangerous implement of death. The tubing will not reach far enough to reach below. Good thought though; gain plus one on all future rolls.
Continue along path of least resistance.

Caverns Decay Flesh:
There is no way to climb out of here. Even if the trapdoor above is left open. You must go back to the excavation for access above.
Inside is the Inchoate, formed by Uncle Earl’s attempts at conjuration and by the Fishling Shaman taking control. If early in the game, anyone who jumps in here is found unconscious in the Foyer. He is naked and feels violated; minus five on all rolls, declining by one for each turn (movement action) of play. Later at Climax or when exploring from across the bottomless tunnel, well, fight the Inchoate and most likely lose.
Killing the beast will still result in the players swallowed and dropped in the Foyer, but this time feeling less violated; minus two for turn turns of moves.

High Roof Windows:
A skylights are too cloudy to see anything but torrents of rain pelting the windows. There is almost no way to break these windows and escape the house. The glass in fact is bullet & blast proof polycarbonate.
Play Audio Ragged Prophet. Takes someone of Trait Devious to unlock the box’s slide puzzle in order to press play on the hidden audio diary. The box is part of the shelf, so it may not be moved.
Filed here and found by Zealot is a Will leaving the entire fortune to the Patrick heirs. Needs notary stamp to make legal.
Continue back out secret locked door (to Servant Access) or onto the Surveillance room.

Surveillance Room:
In here you can see that the whole house is wired on a closed network. Everything is being watched and recorded. Everything, except the master bedroom and Earl’s Study. But all the normal sections of the house can be seen. There are also cameras showing a cavern with construction scaffolding and a barely lit sea cove.
The only playback of any further interest is found by Trait Zealot. On many sections of the video playback tapes, a person who looks a lot like Riley is wandering the grounds over the course of several months prior to today. This discovery cannot be made if Riley is present. He will hurry the others along.
The spiral stairs down require a key code, which means Zealot.
Continue to Surgical Theater or area of High Roof Windows.

Surgical Theater:
Relatively clean, not used of late. In here would be demonstrations of autopsy or medical procedures.
Play Audio Animating Pigs. Takes someone of Trait Unflinching to overcome apprehension to endure the autopsy accounts of Earl’s audio diary.
There are two stair wells in the audience rear, as well as a locked door in the back. The door is barred from the outside, but has swung open in the last few days.
Stair one leads to a sliding panel, frosted over, in the Meat Locker. There is a pulley and hook which can be use to drag up the flesh. That system is rusted over.
Stair Two leads to the Aged Trap Door. The path there will take the players over thirty flights of stairs down. Before the bottom, exhaustion will leave all rolls from here on out at minus one. (Unless the players are being chased.)

Long Spiral Stair:
Very exhausting to walk down, not just two or three stories but maybe forty? No penalty for now, as the spacing the cast iron stairs is modern in construction.
Guarded midway by vigilant Swine Fiends. However, they will only attack people-things coming from down below. The Swine Fiends use a normal disguise and seem like servants, unless pressed w/ questions. Any conversation is repaid w/ scowls and pointing to down below.
Leads to the ritual Altar of Damned.

Padded Room:
Room is locked from outside. A slide in the door opens and shows the room is empty. Yet sounds of scraping can be heard against the door. Rats or is someone sitting unseen below the sightline?
The mad prophet, locked in the padded room can tell the players about the two horrors: Fish and Pigs.
The wretch inside is scarred from lashes and his eyes are covered w/ bandages. The imprisoned man stands crooked, one arm still locked in a broken stocks, not a straight jacket. He opens his palm revealing a set of eyeballs. These he clawed out of his own skull. Cackles as you wince or flinch. He speaks with a southern drawl and is hard to understand.
“I warned him; I did indeed.” Cackles. “I even tweaked my peepers to prove this’em serious. He no convinced. Earl say he take care of things. And Earl tried. He made himself a small army. Twasn’t enough. Already lost one civil war dunnin’ here. He done start number two. Now them pigs are whistling Dixie, but Yankee Roe have the men and materials to win.” Cackles.
In case anyone is placed inside, the lock on outside fails after a short magical delay.
Back to the surgical theater to continue exploring. You may also wish to find a safe place to hide. But by doing so, this event has triggered the Swine transformation in the house. The servants and corpses are now hunting for the kin of Earl.

Aged Oak Trapdoor:
Finally a rest platform. But why here? Why so deep?
There is something comforting and heroic about the platform’s wood. You seem to understand that Aged Oak may be fashioned into clubs or daggers, which also may be used to injure every type of gothic netherling in the game. However, to properly use such weapons, the player must select the right shape and configuration for his persona: sledge mallet, dirk, spear or shield. Choose wisely, choose one. Trait Unflinching to construct provided the players may freely roam the mansion and grounds. Under duress, the Traits needed become Unflinching and Zealot to make a mad dash to say garage with an arm full of planks. “Calls for a heroic yell, I think.”
Continue on your expedition to Excavation Site or back to the surgical theater. Did you go make some D&D weapons (of aged wood)?

Excavation Site:
Uncle Earl was looking for something and he found it. This place is just the start of the caves and caverns that twist and horrify.
Play Audio Fishlings Idol. Takes someone of Trait Zealot to desire to hear anymore of Earl’s audio diary.
Find a set of nunchuka; will take Trait Vengeful to try to wield. (Will turn out to be dangerous to the user. Take a vicious crack to the back of your skull.)
Continue to the Cave Paintings. The map does not go into Altar (from here), until you blindly flee.

Alien Cave Paintings:
These tell a story of mariners coming from out of the ocean to arrive and teach early Americans to form clay, make bows, worship god. The alien people are symbolized as totems of multiple animals, especially salmon.
Find a boom box w/ cassette tape of Beethoven’s Fifth. By itself, rather harmless, but could be a trigger in a more dangerous implement of death. (First time used in combat or under stress the tape comes off the spool.)
From here you go to the Bottomless Pit or back to the start of the excavation. Still no aliens found (here).

Altar of Damned:
Strange, weird, unwelcoming, you have never felt more alive and in the moment. Then the eerie lights illuminates a strange creature.
Area has a stone idol of Baal. Anyone care to explain that? The stone now seems to emit a glow. Breaking the idol is tough and will only enrage the Fishlings. Otherwise, just set piece for the carnage to soon follow. Trigger All Hell Breaks Loose if enough time has lapsed.
Room has a Fish Shaman. He will gibber at the players in a language with sounds unspoken by man for several centuries. If players speak back, he will pause confused and size them up. If the players do not pass quickly, the shaman will howl and be joined by three Fishlings and a Corpse. These will pursue across the mansion trying to capture or kill the players. Sooner, if not later, the Fishlings will do just this.
If players are fleeing, put them back the way they came but at Excavation Site or in combat w/ Swine Fiends guarding the stairs.

Bottomless Pit:
The way is barred by an empty lava tube which extends nearly vertical direction for perhaps several miles. On a playground the span of emptiness could be crossed with a confident hop, skip and jump. In here, barely lit, the feat seems impossible to attempt.
Make roll to safely cross. Based on Trait utilized, like combat. Morgan Edwards seems to know in advance that he will have a tough time here. “I can’t dive.”

Avant Garde: Walk the plank. Fashion some panels for at least a half step. Select another Trait and make roll at plus one.
Devious: Age before Beauty. Push someone to see how they do. If next player making the attempt succeeds, so do you. If alone or the rest have already crossed, you are stuck and must wander about the tunnels. (In a half D8 turns of game, you find the Excavation Site.)
Unflinching: Fug it. Cross on regular unadjusted roll of eleven.
Vengeful: I’m Innocent. If you proclaim that you are not the killer of Uncle Earl, you gain plus three to your dice. You must justify your denouement. After that select another Trait to make an attempt.
Zealot: Leap of Faith. Cross with confident bonus on a roll of seven.

Result of Failure: Anyone who falls will appear in the Foyer unharmed. The player in fact is a damned spirit. Quite dead, no pulse, if anyone checks. Continue will all actions for fun, but you are gone and gone at daybreak.

Servant Stair
(behind Kitchen): This is a way to go upstairs w/o disturbing the richer guests.
Here you can find an ashtray w/ an assortment of half smoked cigars and cigarettes. There’s even a pipe. The tobacco can be used to cure monster induced hysterical blindness. The matches? There’s several boxes of strike anywhere in the kitchen.
Continue from here to the Linen Closet or Servant Access upstairs.



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