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The Grand Players


The Grand Players

Riley Edwards (Dennis)
Charlie Edwards (Dead - Red)
Morgan Edwards (Mike)
Tatum Edwards (Mark Z)
Sage Edwards (Conrad)
Arrow Edwards (Greg S)
Shiloh Patrick (Laura)
Jules Patrick (Tony)
Channing Murphy (Rusty)
Blake Patrick (Greg M)

We had Dennis pegged as the murderer pretty early on ... (not that the murderer knew who it was). We had eliminated two traits.

By process of elimination, Arrow, Sage, and Jules were eliminated. Channing and Blake did not reveal anything about themselves so doubt remained.

Future Note if Stranded in a Murder House with Strangers
(Once you knew you weren't the murderer by elimination AND your goal was to FIND the murderer, it would not hurt to share some information and allow us to find the killer -- perhaps before the killer knew. Otherwise, it's a random guess at the end --- not necessarily bad --- not necessarily good.)

The Murder Matrix
The weapon matrix was a good idea .... unfortunately we didn't have enough time to decipher it. The hour was late.

Epic Table
Good from my end ... helpful as always but sounded like torture with the laptop (and no mouse).

I'm not sure you needed the fog in Epic Table. The map was fine without it. There was a bunch of extra work just managing revealing a picture of room without much surprise. Revealing it in the beginning would perhaps create a few questions at the start but then would allow plotters to plot.

Player Etiquette
With a time limit, this game didn't work with half measures. (I'm going to pick the spear up which kills you if you pick it up and not Zealot ... but I'll do so with my teeth to not reveal information that wasn't bad to reveal in the end.) Basically ... just wasting cycles there.

A Big Misdirect:
The introduction on the character sheet started with a disclaimer about gender, love interests, and violence over titillation ... I read it as don't make this a Jane Austin novel.

Then, the mansion immediately degenerated into a freak show of debauchery, torture, lust, paganism, and narcissism. Perhaps, it's just a sad comment on today's culture. It was like no Jane Austin novel I ever read.

(Yea, Yea, Yea, Cthulu ending ... that darn Cthulu ending.)

In the end, it came down to a die roll.


   IronConrad (Sage)

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