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Arming Oneself


Most of the dangerous items of play, even true weapons, are worthless. There are some special exceptions. Most of the improvised weapons that a player fashions, even if he has appropriate Traits, will injure the user more than any would-be assailant. Even a machete (if there was one) would end up short-swung and lob off a person’s own wrist. Warn the player if he attempts to gather combat gear – none of it seems or feels very practical.

“Your hands shake more and your palms sweat, just by thinking of using the crude weapon.”

Murder Weapon
Currently left in the Greenhouse. A twisted piece of driftwood and encrusted coral, a magic wand, truly, which fires a balled force like a bullet slug. Makes the same noise as a gun but leaves no slug evidence. The weapon may only be wielded by a character of Traits Avant Garde, Devious (like Riley). The weapon is also used by Shaman of Fishlings.

In actual play the muder weapon was found by Jules and as a Devious, Vengeful, Zealot, in his hands it was inert. Again, too late at night and very little time allowed for chitchat or strategizing; else the object, one of the first found, might have changed hands or been put on a table for all to examine. Yet with a killer about, a jagged piece of coral is just a crude knife, except when it's not.

Three Ready Weapons
Maasai Spear (Trophy Room)
Voodoo Doll (Attic)
Faulty Arc Welder (Garage)

Improvised Weapons
Pipe Bombs(Fireworks Tower & Bathroom Pipe and Bearings)
Corrosives Sprayer (Pantry Lye & Maze Pump Insect Sprayer, rubber gloves from lab optional)
Flame Thrower (Kitchen Propane Torch & Line Closet Spray Starch)

Three of the four rooms were never entered, again, just time.

Aged Oak (wood trapdoor): May be fashioned into weapons like clubs or daggers, which might injure the netherlings in the game.

The majority of players made dirks, truly able to kill the Inchoate beast of cavern. Never encountered, just a token on the map. Shield versus fishlings and spear versus swine beasts. I should have killed all the players for attempting to kill the Fish God at the end without a real weapon or the wood mallet, but it was late and the better ending fell into my lap as none could roll the eleven to reach the killer. The fish god did die, but only after two rounds and two characters of three being eaten. The killer, rested, out-rolled the final family member to earn a 100 million dollar estate. Or did Riley?

I guess all could wake from a dream; they were in fact playing roles.



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