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I had fun


There is a simplicity of 1977 AD&D that I would call purity. Whenever we begin to analyze into inaction, digress away from rolling dice, the default is to step back and roll dice. We know the point of mortality in the game. Thanks Mr Gygax, solid rules. We need not fear using our stuff or taking a few hp loss.

I enjoyed the riddle. (Mostly because I was skeptical of an immediate answer and was correct in my delay.) Otherwise, if given four riddles, I would solve none. Bobs the Word is the exception. Logic puzzles with word parsing are in my wheelhouse, because the correct answer still seems wrong. Reminds me of Pinocchio in the Shrek series, always answering in long string of double negatives, which seem as though the wooden boy is telling what you want to hear without actually lying.

Greg is a genius. Can't wait for him to turn 65 and run a weekly game. Is that forty years from now? Just around the corner for us grognards.



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