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Rough ending.


Good game. Well constructed. Would agree it was a little rushed. We didn't actually start play on that one until about 1230, so a four hour session was crammed into a 2.5 hour bag. I think we'd all blown our brainpower on Sphinx Riddles.

Yes, it was a good twist-horror ending. One issue with play just came from the nature of the players. As soon as we were told murder mystery and saw traits we all got way too cagey about what we would or wouldn't say. I don't know how to overcome that other than to blatantly lie to the players about the genre at first?

We have also learned that a good way to get Mike relatively quiet in a game is to give him the pathological liar. Lying is hard! Quiet is easy! Forgive him the talking about himself in third person!


   Mike Miller

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