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The world's corporations have dominated derivative stories by abusing trademarks. Howard died in 1936. Fug him if he still wants ownership of his works. Care to dig him up for the court cross examination?

During an author's lifetime, don't steal. After he dies, it should be the public's to enjoy and expand. That's not the law; I don't make the law; not even an issue on any Congressional agenda. Except to make the lifetime +plus+ even longer and longer.

Should Shakespeare never be performed. No Holmes? No Twain? No Wilde? Should Monty Python even be allowed to cut up renaissance paintings to make cartoons? The public has rights to claim abandoned items. English Common Law. A version of finder's keepers.

Mickey Mouse should be public domain by now, but him and Barbie bring corporate black ops if violated.



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Methinks my sarcasm didn't read. -- Mike Miller (posted: 8/28/2018) 
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