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Why, tell me Why?


The table is ugly in tone. The player characters are truly on the wrong side of this carnage. But look at the prizes awarded! I think fifteen or more swagger will be gained by the party from Major Tarot flips alone. Mourn later, young warriors paid to kill, do so in Outlands.

There's also a small historic truth. That before Humanism, life was not seen as having any true value. So many just died, that it was seen as horrid, but expected. To kill outside of clan or kin was not even seen as immoral. Taking from the dead was not viewed as stealing. Times do change, thanks to Enlightenment, in our society and creeds.



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We're SO "moral" in Cutlass... -- Mike, son of Mike (posted: 8/29/2018) 
Added to Outlands Tool -- IronConrad (posted: 8/29/2018) 
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