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So in order...


Don't know how to do any formatting or show quotes, so I'll respond in order:

>(1) Tell Beam to put his big boy bright red bloomers on and deal.

Can't argue with this. The Freedom League is intentionally underpowered to make things scary/difficult for you.

>(2) Give option to spend a segment prepping to increase damage on the next segment.

You can, it's called a Haymaker. Pretty sure that is on everyone's sheet. You might need to be strong to take advantage of it though.

>(3) Allow damage to be not be blocked on the 4th or 5th segment.

Everyone goes on 5, a few go on 4. It would be too effective for players. To make it still a challenge, I would have to add in 50 health characters.

>(4) Allow players to aid / stack on each other. I give Silver Specter +1 damage next attack.

This currently is an option. If you have skills or powers that could benefit others, that's your job. Looking at the Mechanic and Mystic, they are built to be supporting characters, giving aid to the brutes (Specter, Lady Jade, etc.).

>(5) Allow players to have the reckoning bomb (as they say in Wow). Each time Beam rolls for success, he stores 1 point (or even half point) of damage. When he gets enough, he hits and discharges his reckoning bomb. So, after 6 successes, Beam might score 5 points of damage (5 successes to build the whammy and 1 to deliver).

I'm okay with some of the characters not being as effective as players would hope them to be. For characters with freestyle powers (magic, gadgets, kung-fu), they could describe something like that, it would just be a roll. Doing 6 successes for a martial artist to do big damage is fine - I can envision a creative player saying, "I hit him each round in key nerve points doing minor damage, with on the 6th hit I activate the Touch of Death TM, doing 5 points of damage." My response would be, sure, do a punch each round at average instead of easy. When you succeed, it will activate the Touch of Death TM.

The one thing I do feel I need to correct is having 8 players have actions, then 1 villain. It seems like overkill to the villain.

In the final battle, I had planned to have a bunch of agents to make things difficult for the group, but with the Mechanic doing major damage to the team, I thought it best to just have the main two villains. They were tough as is.



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