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Outlands 29 August


Paval Rosti of Kiev asked us to get payback on Bogdan of Constantinople. Being low level, I accepted. He gave me a letter allowing me to work as an agent of the Academy in Kiev. This should allow us to cross tolls unhindered. Other party members were able to acquire some Jenolan slaves, rat eaters, and the magic wizardry Power Words (locked as Glorious).

We set off looking for Blue Sage; this we intend to plant outside the Imperial Academy in the capital, using soil laced with the remains of the sandstone golems from mission one. Failing all rolls, we have no idea the expected outcome. We must trust out patron, Rosti. We once again face Valentin and his Janissary, as rivals who wish the prank war between the wizards to end.

Outside of Kiev in the forest to collect a specimen or seeds of Blue Spires Sage, we encountered a group of Janissary. These men kept pelting us with Brimstone terracotta jars. Few of the party are Bold, so the Shaken aspect makes the rolls harder. Also, my luck was terrible. Most every action I undertook, resulted in harm to the other members of the party.

We almost lost our first meeting w/ the Janissary. We escaped w/o wounds, but I did so by being reduced to the size of a thimble and dropped into a varmint hole. The dwarves held me prisoner for a good long time. I did return for the next major encounter at phase change, against the Jenolan chieftain Xy and ten of his nonhuman warriors. He may have been mad; we slew two of his tribesmen on orders of a village near Kiev. We also helped the Legions clear a river and gained their trust. At least the party did; I was still lost w/ the Fae for one phase.

When we faced Xy, the battle looked hopeful; we initially took him right out of the battle. But even though we whittled the numbers, we stalled. One person was knocked out, a second surrendered. I attempted an action that left us Shaken. All I managed to do was cause one foe to flee. One stalwart fellow, nine-fingers, defeated the other nine, plus the leader Xy.

We noticed that combat continues to move slowly. The tweaks made to Escape seemed to make that aspect better. The balance of Shaken and how to make it go away, still must be adjusted. There was also discussion on whether the rolls were too high to make. We did not suffer as a party. The negative aspect would be that the combat took about a half hour longer than expected. That may not be a bad thing. In Cutlass we tend to burn through Ref material. Outlands seems to have a more languid, but no less amusing, pace. We are a tad better with the mechanics and will make some additional nudges in the game.

Overall a good time. One character made level. I survived with four Ignobles checked. About fifty cards of the deck flipped in the two hours of play.



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