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One Punch Baddies


With the initiative system, it moves okay. Tactical movement in person on a grid or E Table would speed up moves.

You can always make the minions one punch or two punch ... no roll to hit. Just point and shoot. (One punch to knock down. One punch to dispatch.) The purpose is the delay in the battle for the Baddie to act.

It doesn't even need to be baddies. It could be bombs set to explode that someone needs to hit reset. Just a distraction while Supreme Evil goes about his plans.

I don't mind being the colorful filler to throw quips in and generally improve the overall looks of the battle. Just pointing out, with no ability to hurt the baddie, Beam should just run away. (Man, that's going to hurt sales.)



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If I remember to be "clever." -- Mike, no mechanics (posted: 8/31/2018) 
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