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Why did we do this again?


Unless my in-game notes were way off, this ended up being a tough recap because many of our actions made no sense.

Ok, the mission was to take the Elders from Montpelier to Mainz. We get to Mainz and return to Montpelier... With six Elders? Ok, they didn't wanna stay in Mainz, but why in the hell would we bring them back to the place they'd been kicked out of just in time for a battle? We should have cut them lose.

If the Serbs are losing battles against the Fatimah to the east, why are they invading France? Do they have a treaty with the Russians?

I'd say we might get lucky and Bishop Absalon won't be displeased with the outcome of the mission because he's dead, but I'm sure as an NPC of import he survived the battle. Maybe we'll get lucky and Chancellor Charles will be more pleased that Montpelier stands than displeased with our part in protecting the Anti-Baptists, but it's Cutlass. I'm ready for the new enemy.

Speaking of enemies, I'm sorry for the PC who entered in the epilog of Mission 23 - for the Clown Theo blames you, Paul Klee, for the actions you didn't participate in. I don't think the Ref will go easy on you for being his own character. Red's killed off more of his own PC's than there rest of other player PC deaths put together.


   Mike Myke Mique

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