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Death be not Proud


So the players returned with the elders to Montpellier by request of the elders. The leaders could not leave the flock behind when it was discovered that the Serbs were hired to rid the city of the sect. Two-thirds still died under our protection. Klee at least has a wound to prove he wasn't bribed to look the other way.

The Serbs were not invaders. Mercenaries cross borders under contract. They return home when the deal ends or their own country is threatened.

As for the Fatimah, the loss to the Serbs was in a crusade in the holy land. The Olde World and Serbia is not invaded. But the Infidels feel emboldened again.

Bit of a jumble as we were in Phase A, moved to B, went to C, back to B, and then ended up with our squads defending a town. That and two campaign events.

All the players have become too trusting, accepting everything thrown at them, espcially Q&D. A fefw skill rolls prior ot the first card flip--pyrate hunch--might have warned about stakes and bridges or staying clear of high walls with limpet mines.



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