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Yes, he did.


Dennis started as Henri le Violeur, and shifted to Robeire Renee Rouseau.

The blatantly alliterative name probably made you think that was one of my dudes? *wry chuckle.*

Hugo Marque Lamarr was wounded, as well as Jasc Bonadventure, Henri le Violeur, and Paul Klee. Four wounds across seven players over one epilog through to another adventure's climax. Several characters were also KO's, a couple of those multiple times. No PC casualties this week, but the late Timeo rated one final mention in the narrative.

NPC casualties? 660 villagers in Montpelier, 400 Serbian mercs, almost a couple dozen Fasci Friars, a couple of groups of Grognards, half the crew of HRH Maxime's Royal Barge, and one Holy Elder. But the Elder is a Godless Reformist, so to Hell with him! (Unless I'm playing Bailey, in which case, "May you rest in Heaven, Gentle Pilgrim.")

Back in play, one semi-major villain of the Valliant, now making enemies from a new group of PC's who hadn't encountered him before. Marco da Vinchy is obviously a jerk to everyone. Not like that nice Olaf Porse (Hugo has him as a friend). With a little luck Porse might feature in a mission where half the group have him as an enemy while Nemo McMoridin and Hugo Marque Lamarr have him as a friend.


   Mike Myke Mique

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Porse at Montpellier -- red (posted: 9/10/2018) 
Another thing I missed... -- Mike Myke Mique (posted: 9/10/2018) 
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