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Another thing I missed...


Didn't see Olaf. Then again...

1) I don't know what his picture is - he's a black d12, right? I'll pay attention next time.

2) I don't always trust the tokens to be accurate. There is precedent for a token nominally assigned to a "name" character being reused to indicate a "special" unit.

3) Here's the long one, and it ties back to your earlier comment on player complacency. We HAVE gotten complacent, but I don't think any of us are particularly thinking of Cutlass in terms of mystery or puzzles. The Ref is forthcoming with information. To wit, at the top of the mission we were told in out absence Montpelier would likely be destroyed. You probably mentioned Serbians and I missed it, likely because I was jotting down all the information on Absalon. There's also a collaborative aspect to Cutlass in that a card may be flipped, the Ref will start to interpret the card, and a player (usually Conrad or me) will bring up a past encounter/card and the Ref will obligingly go with the player interpretation. It does foster a bit of a "kick back, see what happens and go with it," attitude.

4) We're just reaching the point where we have radical disconnect between player and character knowledge. The recent re-emergence of Da Vincy is a prime example. We players recognize him from Mission 12 (Pepper People), but none of the characters in play have encountered him. And, as he was lost in the New World for literal decades before we found him, there's no reason any current PC would have heard of them, unless said characters have been reading Bailey's books. Even the name "Vert Valliant" will cease to apply soon-ish (I mentioned to Conrad last week that for the recaps I have some rules for who gets a sash, and my Hugo character Dennis's characters, Mark's character and Red's current character aren't in line to get one unless they Land Battle and level up with characters like Diaz, Francois, Percy, Harmon, Leon, Bailey, Moridin, Merd-a-din or the Wildemoons. With most of them being Swashbucklers that won't happen soon.

4a) So the name Olaf Porse only means something to Nemo and Hugo on this mission. Sadly *sob* both Hugo and Nemo have Porse as a friend. Which means trying to break the Q&D if they meet Porse to parley.

Of course, by telling Red that possibility he'll prepare for it. *smiley*


   Mike Myke Mique

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