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Ungmar the Dull Survives


Imagine an impossible situation: chased by Janissary, men who make a living hunting monsters. We are no monsters, mere exhausted mortals. Surrounded, all trying to escape, some of the troop improvise and employ anything to pry their way through the closing fence of warriors. The first son, he who accepted the quest, no where to be seen. A path of blood drops hinting to his uncertain success. Huginn, our spiritual guide, a captive, the evidence of our lies and our crimes in his very pockets. Someone else downed; several others calling for any relief, any escape, any option but baneful fates. The frayed knot of the Norns tightens.

Tamoon the Majestic focuses on the unknown, calls on help from ancestors he dares not name a portal appears, a path to safety. No one has seen such an arcane device. He never has proven himself this way before.

The gods wished only to toy with our souls. We all flee into the void, a place no other mortal men would follow. To liberty and to salvation, to fight another and another day, as Tamoon proves his enchantments true.

I defy you to show me a game system where that occurs other than by Referee fiat. That happened yesterday, as a set of card flips, self generating along with the successful rolls in between. We were going around the table taking our turns as the focus of events. The hopeless situation altered, and the player of Tamoon saved us all.

Outlands is a whimsical and terrifying experience that any gamer will be the less to have not experienced.



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Downed a Nasty Beast in a single stroke and fled from .... -- IronConrad (posted: 9/13/2018) 
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