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Scale of Life


The Greeks staged week-long plays of common themes, gods punishing man.

What did I miss (while sleeping)?

Shakespeare wrote plays that took many hours to truly perform. Too many minor roles to even follow. There was also a dance break and jugglers; the people ate a lunch, and the whole thing was a celebration. Like a rock festival, people would come and go.

What did I miss (gathering wood for a fire)?

Theater fifty years ago was expected to be over three hours and hopefully more. How are we to get our money's worth otherwise. The shows started cheating and adding overtures and reprises, people standing in front of the curtain and singing their songs again. This also allowed the curtain to be closed and the set could change. Two intermissions were also common for three acts.

What did I miss (while peeing)?

Today, an hour and a half and you'll hear complaints.

When is this done?

What's nice about Epic Table is the walk away and come back, no clearing of the table. The only thing I regret is putting my deck away. I should use two and keep each at its state. We use about sixty cards in two hours.

Where is the Wheel?

Adventure games take as long as they take and never end.



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