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What are we doing, folks?


The estimated cost is ten billion to build. That's nothing. We dumped ten billion on refurbishing SLC 6 for space shuttle in the eighties. Now that's a gift to space-x. We should carve ten billion out of any years' budget or assess an immediate levy of a grand per household. Tell everyone no health care for a week and build the thing. Be a patriot. We spent five times that on foreign aid. Aid space one year, why don't we?

If the tech is there, put it up.

Could be the ten billion is only the teaser price? Plus the carbon fiber is a theoretical. Okay, put the ten billion away. More study, two hundred years.

Also, why at equator? Wouldn't the stress be less at the pole? Someone mad-geek should answer that one.

Also, why don't we lower a tether from someplace in lock between earth and moon. L-5 Vegas? Start in orbit and work backward?

Just saying, ten billion seems like an easy amount to find for science. Bill Gates stop trying to solve third world problems and get started on a first world one. That or fix Windows once and for all. Maybe Space Force will fund it.



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