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My possibly spurious thoughts?


I guess you have the analogies of a stone on a string, spun and pulls away. versus a plate on a stick, spun and stays on top. Yet a piece of pfc held out as you pirouette would bow. The same pipe turned on its axis would not. Could you truly find the axis of the planet, since it wobbles. May have to just stop the rotation then put one up. Would only end most life as we know it. Sun would get mighty hot, but would be a nice place to put slowly crawling collectors. Back to reality...

The shear along the length of the structure at the equator seems insurmountable? Also items are stronger in compression, unless I'm misunderstanding how the carbon fibre would hold?

As for the ocean, it's overall depth is insignificant to the project. Drain it entirely or fill it in if it means we get off this rock. Bottom anchor seems best. Splash down in case of failure of the tether. The cold on the other hand is more of a concern. Ice expands when solid and could pinch the base. Driving materials to Pontianak, Indonesia may be easier.

For forty million could we build a prototype of a thread that rises twenty miles or does that fail by not having an orbit?



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Depends on the "thread?" -- Geek Mike (posted: 10/3/2018) 
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