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Depends on the "thread?"


I note hard SF authors Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle's hypothetical space elevators all start with cables of "single crystal iron bonded in an epoxy matrix" lofted into geosynch orbit, 20k miles out, on a double spool, then unwound with counterweights at both ends. In theory the ground end hooks into the base at the same time the far end hits 40k miles out. Repeat until you have a hexagon layout. These become the main tethers, then the ground and orbit installations are built around the cables.

Good point about a wobbling axis. Only thing is, if we had tech to alter Earth's rotation we'd be well past the point where we had sky hooks.

One thing about Polar vs Equatorial sky hooks... Structure failure would be less catastrophic at the pooe. Gravity would basically bring everything straight down. At the equator... Well, the belt of destruction would wrap the whole world... Good thing we live north of the tropics?


   Geek Mike

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