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Some "Behind the scenes" info the Ref may take into account (or not)


Mostly for Red, might be of interest to Conrad and Tony:

While typing up these narratives, some of the more logical parts of my brain demand retcons of the game events. This can be most clearly seen when PCs swap in and out of the narratives.

The narratives have an implied subplot running that I wish to make explicit here in case Red wants to integrate any of this into the campaign. Otherwise, we can just assume the narrator character isn't always reliable (for example, Mike damn well knows what an "Anabaptist" is... Hugo does not, and heard the term worng ("Anit-Baptists").

So, this begins when Marco Da Vincy escaped from the Bastille. The PC's stole the personal barge of the King of France, and pried off the gold. A card flip on the barge (Jasc chose to treat the crew well)was interpreted as Jasc Bonadventure (Conrad) gaining a commission of Major in the King's army... Um, what? How, exactly, does stealing the King's Barge result in a Royal commission? Answer: Jasc Bonadventure is Vert Valliant. France's Field Marshal, Francois Duclos, (Tony) and Admiral, Leon Leonard L'eonce (Mike) are also Vert Valliant. The narrative assumes that the reports of the barge crew came to Francois' ears and, when the name Jasc Bonadventure came up in connection of the theft, that Francois altered reports and basically gave Bonadventure his comission as a cover-up to avoid a member of the Valliant bringing shame on the name.

Well and good, so far. Now we have the current mission. Leon has just entered. As Admiral of France, Leon really has no business being in this mission, and I intended on bringing in a new 0-level. Earlier in the mission Mal de Merd-a-din (Laura) joined the mission, and Laura stated that Merd-a-din had brought the official Privateer writ obtained by Jean LeBeouf (Greg M). Laura suggested that Leon had delivered Merd-a-din (and Alain Gignot [Tony])personally. Since the mission was to a part of the map we haven't been to yet, and Leon is "World's Greatest Explorer," AND so the Ref wouldn't have to open up a new Level-0 character in the middle of a Climax Challenge, I went along with the suggestion.

But, Leon is Admiral of France and Mal de Merd-a-din is Viceroy of Japan! What in the hell are two characters in position of campaign power, poking around following a LVL 0 dude's dream-portents? There HAS to be another reason he's here...

So, when Leon picks up the narrative next session with the final actions of this week's session (yup, the narrative ends before the game did), the following assumptions are in play.

Marco da Vincy is known to Francois and Leon from the Vert's journey to circumnavigate the globe. Jasc Bonadventure is a member of the Vert. Bonadventure was involved in the mission where Marco da Vincy escaped the Bastille. Bonadventure and other members of the party (most at this point) are also Vert Valliant. Obviously at least one PC (I'm assuming it's Bonadventure to not get TOO complex) has sent reports to Francois and/or Leon. Something in the data has caught the attention of Francois and/or Leon and caused them to suspect Da Vincy was operating near the Safavid. Marco da Vincy is a noted criminal/Enemy of the State, AND a personal foe of the Vert.

So, while Rolfe d'Ambray (Bruce) is chasing his dream, several characters are on a secret mission for Francois and Leon. Whether or not the CROWN is aware of this can be left to the Ref. Jasc Bonadventure, Leon Leonard L'eonce and Mal de Merd-a-din, at least, are actively seeking Marco da Vincy and hope to arrest him and bring him to justice, or, failing that, kill him.

Whether or not other Vert characters in this party are aware of this or not is up to the player. Whether or not this is "true" and will be integrated into the Campaign background is up the the Ref. If this is "true" it can be left to the Ref to determine if Francois and Leon hace brought this to anyone else at Court, or if they are basically running a conspiracy.

On the other hand, it's a continent Leon's never been to, so he's got a fringe benefit - exploration of a New World!

One last side note/retcon. So, Marco Da Vincy spread his green eyes to the tribes south and west of the Safavid, then to the tribes north of Japan... Obviously Marco da Vincy's voyages went West to East, and he never made it farther east than where we first encountered him. Thus, at least as far as Leon is concerned, the Vert Valliant ARE the first to circumnavigate the globe. This makes him happy.


   Mike Myke Mique

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