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East/West? KNIGHTS in Epilog


I'll assume you're using "West-to-east" referring to the "Olde World" as the "West" and we sailed into the "East" even though we sailed left ("west") on the map?

I hadn't considered "Multiple Marcos." That means if the party manages to kill one off in this mission powerful people in France will write off "Marco DaVinci" as a dead man - leaving the siblings free to plot revenge in peace.

I'd also not considered Leon as a stowaway - seems out of character for him anyway (Leon's got too much ego.). I've already used Laura's suggestion, anyway. Just note Lion's Pounce is somewhere nearby if a Knight comes up in the Epilog. A four-deck War Galleon with an Elite Crew that is the personal vessel of the Admiral of France (currently in the party) is a hell of an escort home!

Also a potential source of reinforcements for the Climax if cards/tables allow. If you're keeping track of servitors I'd argue add 18 to the party's tally. It's not unreasonable the Admiral would go ashore with a unit of 20 (or more, but I'm certain adding 18 is reasonable, 200 is way too many).Two of those would have taken the recently wounded characters (cf Hugo) back to the Pounce.


   Mike Myke Mique

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