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The Constable


=== SHIP ===
Ship Name: The Constable
Ship Type: Galleass
Ship's Speed Factor: 1
Ship's Barrage Cards: 3

=== Captain ===
Name: Tomas de Marchand (Tony)
Captain's Level: 5
Captain Cunning: (YES)
Captain Lordly: (no)

=== Ships Good Traits ===
I. Battle Ready: (no)
II. Seasoned Crew: (YES)
III. Fit for Commerce: (YES)
IV. Privateer: (no)
V. Obedient: (no)
VI. Royal Charter: (no)
VII. Abundant Stores: (YES)
VIII. Orderly: (YES)
XI. Prized Cargo: (no)
X. Article Vigilant: (YES)
XI. Comradery: (YES)

=== Ships Ill Traits ===
I. Gun Shy: (no)
II. Plagued: (no)
III. Damaged: (no)
IV. Impressed: (no)
V. Disorderly: (YES)
VI. Pyrate: (YES)
VII. Starving: (no)
VIII. Pestilent: (no)
IX. Cheated: (YES)
X. Corrupt: (no)
XI. Unruly: (no)

=== Fleet Positions ===
1) Fleet Commander - Tomas de Marchand (Tony)
2) Fleet Navigator - Rolfe (Bruce)
3) Fleet Master Oars - (Tactician) Louis BrightEyes (Rusty)
4) Fleet Chronicler - Jean Lebeuf (Greg M)
5) Flagship's Pilot - Tomas de Marchand (Tony)
6) Flagship's Master Soldiers - Louis BrightEyes (Rusty)
7) Flagship's Master Guns - Jean Lebeuf (Greg M)
8) Flagship's QuarterMaster - Jasc Bonadventure (Conrad)
9) Flagship''s Master Sails Rolfe (Bruce)
10) Flagships Master Arms - (NPC)
11) Flagship's Vicar - Paul Klee (Red)
12) Flagship's Grumbler - David Sprigs (NPC)
13) Fleet Scapegoat - Paul Klee (Red)

=== NOTES ===
Along the Indian Ocean.

Muab Dib (The Mouse Agent brought on board to make us Fit for Commerce).

(Reference: Grande Ship to Ship - Cutlass Omnibus Page 1458)



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