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HUGO means Heuristic Underworld Generated Output.

This product is raw. Terrific, but unpolished. Buy it as a curiosity or for some Barony ideas on extra injuries in combat. I put it up as a record and to archive our copyright claim. If you spend a buck, thanks. Itís worth a buck for the three level adventure inside. Conrad made a dot matrix printer in the late eighties start spitting out underworlds. We hated purely random stuff, so he added a set of conditions to make each level have a quest and produce some logical experience. The original code never made the same levels twice. Thousands of levels of adventures, all unique. That printer gave us lots of material for use with our other favorite role-play game. Way too much. We needed cash back for more paper. So, we started selling three level underworlds at conventions, where the big guysí lawyers gave us funny looks. We needed something to wrap around the underworld levels, and Conrad made his Q&D mechanics in an afternoon. You can see the core of Conradís Fantasy (Baronyís yellow booklet) in there. Just in this fixed form, itís one archive copy, not a completely different game for each player. Bug him online to move the code to a web page.



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