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No special Bane table Large


Two conditions:

Battle is checked by facing w/o make-roll w/ one successful action (even escape) against the creature (enemy hero) of Defensive Modifier better than your own level.

0 Large
1 Nasty
2 Horrible
3 Enchanted
4 Foul
5 Invincible
6 Heinous
7 Great
8 -- ??? (Dragons?)

At any level the Battle Ignoble may also be checked upon Ref's permission for special Q&D that have higher Difficulty and chance of wounds.

Heroics must face something more dangerous or special than the last thing you used to check the Ignoble. So if the Ref put a Great beast in front of the player and he decided to check the Ignoble, then every level after he needs something more dangerous than that Great beast. If the check was made for a impish dwarf (at level zero), then next level he'd need something more ferocious, like a Large guard or nasty goblin.

Yes, multiple Large is more dangerous than one Large. Are six Horrible worse than a single Foul? Maybe, depends on what happens as well. Easy encounters with lucky dice tend not to seem dangerous. Perception bias.



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