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Ralf Son of Thorsten went at it with Vicious in place ....


Ralf went in the underworld with a Vicious in place. And ... he ... STILL ... went into the Magic Swagger Duel (but was unneeded by the Closer and Sageson.

We didn't get the +4 until the second fight in the Underworld. If I remember correctly, we got the +3 only shortly before that. Still +2 isn't bad either.

(Plus, I think Red made a great role of like 14 when he was +7 to the dice .... and the table only goes to 16.)

The bigger factor I see is that characters have 10+ Swaggering techniques and some at Glorious. (That, and the knowledge to know to use it.)

Also, Ralf made a few rolls (and turned a neutral into a positive) by having the multiple attempt bonus. Things will continue to move in the player's favor as rolls get easier to make.

Higher level characters are helping the lowbies get ignobles. (Even if just to remind them to do the appropriate begging.)

Plenty of tuning to do ... gentle touch ... gentle touch.

Escape is not really a good option to escape. Not all the Calculated techniques are worth using. But, the ones that are ... get as much use as possible.

Rugged and Bold are important for combat. Especially for new players. It didn't seem to restrict magic not having them. I'll see on Character #3.

Having lots of skills seemed less helpful than lots of Swaggering ... seems .... just an observation. Perhaps skills should benefit in one method and swaggering another. (Perhaps they did but our rolls were challenged at the time.)

The Ice Maiden will likely come back to haunt us.


   Iron Ralf

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