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Retroactive Ignoble Farming


Seemed like the retroactive Ignoble Petitioning was increasing. There was a lot of confusion.

For best results, players should be prompt and succinct in their begging. I was hearing people trying to argue that an action from 45 minutes earlier should check an ignoble. Of course, we forget that we did pick up ignobles at the time.

I was taking a moment after each action to remind people to beg ... uh ... petition. Everyone is pretty good when reminded.

It would make better sense to suggest a future course to check the missing ignoble. I need a Foul battle to check my ignoble. Might I request the Referee to bring some pain down on us? We're all learning. Best to not worry about an ignoble missed two battles past and focus on the future.

In the end, getting to level 8 is it's own punishment. There's nothing left after that. Be careful what you wish for.


   Iron Ralf

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